Someone’s birthday coming up? Are you having hard time deciding which gift to give? Relax, don’t fret! We are here to solve your dilemma.

While it is true that choosing a birthday present to send to someone is not an easy task to do, it can also be a challenging one. A birthday is an important and special occasion in one’s life. Hence, we always ensure to put our best foot forward in our way of gifting to express our love and how we value that certain someone. Sending a birthday gift is considered to be a part of celebrating the occasion ever since.

There are wide gifting options one can think of, which can add to your burden from finding the best.

When it comes to finding a thoughtful birthday gift, choosing to send fresh flowers is very ideal. Yes, you can’t go wrong with flowers in sending as a gift. Most considered it as one of the best choices. Flowers can convey the deepest emotions and the words coming from the heart.

Not sure where to start?

First, identify his/her favorites, likes (inclinations), after doing that you can now pick the right colors, then finally decide which flowers to get and the type of arrangements suit best the recipient.

To make your life easier, we made a list of flower arrangements which we highly recommend to send as best birthday gift ideas:

An arrangement of preserved blooms and long-lasting flowers such as bromus, pink pampas, cotton stick, preserved ruscus and dried sun palm on a pretty pink box. Surely this idea will make a lasting impression.

photo of pink roses, sunflower and pampas on wooden basket

Make her/his day more special with this playful wooden toolbox of popular sunflowers and Rose Esperance. A lovely gift anyone can receive. Don’t miss the chance of making their day even lovelier.

A combination of pink pampas, pink lilies and eucalyptus on a custommade box. You can also opt to add a box of premium chocolates to make it a sweeter gesture. Nothing beats a fresh flower delivery on their doorsteps on their birthdays.

This dainty pink Phalaenopsis orchid is perfect for the plant lovers. Yes, they will love the subtle pink color of this Phalaenopsis orchid on a charming green pot. We recommend to call us a day or two in advance to inquire for availability.

Red Roses are undeniably one of the most popular flowers in the world. The said versatile bloom can go in almost every occasion. This two-dozen premium Ecuadorian Rose hand-tied bouquet will make a statement and sure send the message of love for the recipient. Book this flower bouquet in advance to get it delivered on your selected date of delivery!

Sending a birthday gift is a thoughtful act to send your birthday wishes and greetings. We could not agree more that birthday presents play an interesting part in making the celebration into a more wonderful one. Of course, let’s not forget the main reason of the occasion, to celebrate life and live it with joy and a grateful heart. ☺

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