Fresh flowers are always a perfect treat for almost any occasion and all the special events you can think of. One of the best ways to present flowers, say as a gift for birthdays, anniversary or even just to say your sincere thank you to someone is by sending as a bouquet of flowers. Do you agree? 

 A bouquet of flowers may it be small, regular or grand size is something worthy of admiration and of course appreciation too. There is something about flower bouquets that gives a special feeling to someone receiving it. As soon as the person receives the flower gift, it instantly put a smile on his/her face. Surprising someone with a bouquet of flowers create a blissful moment and a lasting memory. Fresh flowers create an intimate connection hence the act of sending flowers to someone you love is very evident. Nevertheless, flower bouquets are always a unique and thoughtful gift. 

 When you receive a bouquet of flowers, have you ever thought of how it was perfectly wrapped by the florists to get them presented in such a beautiful way? We bet you also wonder how! 

To satisfy your curiosity, we have prepared a step by step process on how to wrap a bouquet of flowers in a simple method which best suits a beginner like you. But first thing first, of course we need to know what are the materials and identify which tools we’ll be needing. 

What You’ll Need 

  •  Bunch of Flowers 
  •  Ribbon 
  •  Jute Twine / Floral Tape 
  •  Wrapping Paper 
  •  Scissors to cut the wrapping paper if required 

Simple Steps 

  • Choose the wrapping paper. Pick a color that will complement or look perfect with your chosen flowers. 
  • Prepare the flowers to be used. 
  • Gather the flowers together and cut the stems of your bouquet in the same length. 
  •  Tie the flowers up in the middle part of the stems using a jute twine to ensure the flowers are fixed properly and will not fall apart. 
  • Prepare the wrapping paper and fold it in a triangle shape. 
  • Place the flower bouquet on top of the laid wrapping paper right in the center keeping the top part of the triangle facing up. 
  • Fold one side of the paper first then wrap another side over the flowers. 
  • While wrapping the paper around the bouquet of flowers make sure to arranged it neatly in place. 
  • Fastened the wrapped bouquet using a ribbon to make sure it is well-secured. 

Are the above instructions helpful to you? Can you now wrap a bouquet yourself next time you picked flowers from the garden or bought from the nearby flower shop? We’re happy to know your thoughts!