We all know that fresh flowers are wonderful additions in every special events or occasions in our lives. When you see a flower, what characteristics do you notice first? Its size, shape, texture or its color? Most likely you will say, it’s color. It’s true! that’s how noticeable and eye catching the color of flower is.

Do you know, every flower color has meaning and symbolism? Yes, correct. Each color has special meaning attached to it. Every color communicates certain emotions and messages.

Let’s find out what do these popular colors of flower means:


The very popular red color delivers an emotion of love, desire and passion. It represents romantic love hence a top pick bouquet to give to anniversary and to profess a love to someone. You’ll also see red flowers specifically red roses during the love month of February on Valentine’s Day almost everywhere. Some of the well-known red flowers are: roses, amaryllis and peonies.

When you wanted to give a lasting impression to someone you love, send a majestic bouquet of 100 Red Roses for that “Wow” effect.


Yellow flowers depict happiness and optimism. The cheery vibe a yellow color provides a delight to many. When you want to brighten up someone’s day, go for yellow flowers. Yellow flowers can also convey friendship and health. Some top examples of yellow flowers are sunflowers, roses and orchids.

This bright sunflower box is a perfect as a gift whether you want to cheer them up or just to make their day.


Purple is a favorite color of many which represents royalty and success. This color is top choice for flower arrangements as it gives a very regal and majestic vibe. Flowers such as vanda orchids, hyacinths, roses and lavender are admirable purple flower selections.

Let these Ecuadorian purple roses bring a regal feel on your day.


White is a classic choice which signifies for purity and innocence. No wonder most bride to be opt for white flowers for their bridal bouquets. Many well-known flowers come in white color including roses, lilies, hydrangeas, tulips and Phalaenopsis orchids.


You’ll never go wrong with whites, just like this bouquet of white tulips. Simple yet so stunning.


This is probably one of the most well-loved colors among girls. A color of affection and harmony, it also conveys grace and femininity. Pink flowers are always dainty and sweet to look at. Numerous lovely blooms you can think of in pink, there’s pretty lilies, blooming hydrangeas, lovely peonies, sweet looking carnations, tropical orchids and a lot more.

A bouquet of pretty dianthus carnation in soft pinks speak of poise and charm.


A common color of choice for boys and men alike. Blue color for flowers provides a calming and serene feel. It also suggests relaxation and openness. Blue flowers are not as common as the other colors but some of the popular ones are hydrangeas, thistles and eryngiums.

You will love this rare preserved blue rose and touch of ruscus for its playful yet trendy look.


This vibrant color is associated with enthusiasm, warmth and creativity. Orange color for flowers bring a message of inspiration by radiating some positive energy. This color of flower is perfect to send to cheer up someone who’s feeling under the weather. Popular orange flowers include Phalaenopsis orchids and roses.

The magical color of this orange Phalaenopsis orchid will surely intrigue you. This is perfect to beautify your homes.

Knowing the meanings and symbolisms of flower colors will help you choose not only the suitable piece but for a more meaningful flower bouquet gift or even in your simple home décor.

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