Our mothers are our safe haven. It is in their arms that we find safety and security against all threats and harms as we journey in this world. Back when we were young, we run to them and find solace in their cuddles as they tend to our wounds. When we were afraid, it is their voices that sooth our weary hearts and pacify our frailties. Even as we grow old, it is our mothers who constantly keeps us guided. As we toil hardships in this world, it is their encouragement who keeps us holding on. Likewise, as we face criticisms, it is their positive words that keep us going. As such, it is only just to remember them and honor their never ending love on Mother’s Day. We can do this simply by giving our best efforts to make them feel more special and loved. How? Of course, greeting “Happy Mother’s Day” is a must. But there’s more that we can offer

1. We can buy them gifts A jewelry for example is a treasure mothers would truly appreciate.


2. We can prepare them a breakfast in bed with something she’d love.

A simple act of service to your Mama will make them feel extra special on Mother’s Day. However, in addition to the lovely gifts that we can give them, flowers are one of the most appreciated. Surprising them a bouquet of roses, tulips, and sunf lowers their hearts w o u l d s u r e l y s w e l l w i t h happiness. After all, a flower is a symbol of love. It speaks volume of emotions that one canno t u t ter. None the less , i t resonates to the soul of the one who receives it.


How are you going to treat your MAMA th i s Mo ther’s Day? We’ve curated a special f lower collection specially for our dear MOMMIES. We offer same day delivery all over Tarlac and some areas of Pampanga.


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