The origins of Valentine’s Day can be traced back to the Rome empire and the Victorian Era. However, the synonymity between red roses and Valentine’s Day gained its popularity in mid-19th century America. Today, red roses remain a classic and significant gift on Valentine’s Day, symbolising sincere love and sentimental romance.

As Valentine’s Day draws near, the urgency to convey deep and profound love to your significant other commences a prime concern. What better way to sweep them off their feet with the timeless symbol of red roses.

At this time of the year the Parfumella workshop at Capas Tarlac is beginning to fill up with flowers from all over the world, but one distinctive flower has the whole team captivated, explicitly for its vibrant elegance and unparalleled beauty: the Ecuadorian red rose.

Ecuador is known as the “rose capital of the world”. The country’s favourable climate and high altitude contribute to the exceptional quality and longevity of Ecuadorian roses. The majority of Ecuadorian roses are grown in the province of Cayambe, situated at the base of the Cayambe volcano. The volcanic soil in Cayambe is rich in nutrients, which enhances the growth and vibrant colours of the roses. Roses from Ecuador are known for their large head size, long vase life, and strong stems.

In this blog article, we’ve narrowed down 5 of our favourite Ecuadorian red rose arrangements to help narrow your selection and make Valentine’s Day shopping a breeze. From the quintessential bouquets to unorthodox wooden boxes, we’ve got you covered.

Red Luxury

For the unconventional partner who is nonchalant towards the sterotypical gifts, this classy and chic clear acrylic cylinder adorned Ecuador’s finest is guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

100 Red

On the contrary, we have our hopeless romantics who without a doubt would be more than delighted to be presented with an all time classic bouquet of 100 red roses.

Color me red

Not only is this arrangment alluring on first impression it’s also reusable to the reciever. Red roses and gold painted ruscus leaves are beautifully displayed on top of the box, and in additionally a drawer filled with ferrero rocher chocolates are added as the perfect surprise to convey to your partner how much you adore them.

Kiss me red

Another rustic design from our valentines day collection is this array of ruby red beauties displayed in a unique wooden tool box, In our opinion it’s perfect to be given to at a romantic picnic date night in the outdoors.

Simply Red

And last but not least, A bouquet of Ecuadorian beauties in luxury rectangular box ideal to send over as a surprise to the office or any place public, for the reason that it can be put away or transported with care.

Celebrating your better half is easier than ever with Parfumella Flowers . Not only do we have our Valentine’s Day collection ready to choose from, we also have plenty of fresh flower bouquets, and flower box arrangements at our online flower shop in Pampanga. Our preserved flowers, plants, fruit boxes, and dried flower arrangements are also ready to help instantly elevate any special occasion.

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