Do you have a big event coming up that will require plenty of flowers – such as a wedding flowers, birthday flowers, or corporate flowers? Flowers are indeed important and a must-have to enhance the occasion. With its beautiful aura and intense pleasing scent, it creates a natural feeling of wellbeing and aliveness. Flowers cannot be left out of a celebration. Are you trying to keep the costs down? Then it might be a good idea to utilize flowers that are in season. There is always a great variety of flowers and colors for each season, and seasonal flowers are usually cheaper than anything out-of-season.

Flowers that are present at a particular time of the year are known as seasonal flowers. A variety of gorgeous flowers grow during the scorching hot summer months and chilly cold winter months. They either don’t bloom or bloom in fewer quantities during other seasons.


Narcissus are usually called daffodils or, in some cases, jonquils. It is a bright spring flower that blooms during the early to late spring season. Daffodils also come in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, pink, white, and orange-red. Their appearance can vary from short, cup-shaped to long, and tubular depending on the species. They are frequently depicted as a representation of rebirth.


They are easily identifiable flowers that grow from bulbs. Cup-shaped flowers often blossom around April. The blooms are seen in a rainbow of colors including yellow, orange, pink, red, purple and even a combination of colors. As indicated by their colors, purple tulips represent royal power, yellow tulips are a symbol of happiness, and red ones are a symbol of love.


The dreamy and elegance of lilies add a touch of class to your garden and home. The petals of these flowers come in a range of colors, such as pink, yellow, orange, and white, which makes them an excellent choice for bouquets and vase-filled arrangements.


The hyacinth flower blooms in the early spring, around March to April. These flowers are often arranged on a single stem or stalk and are called inflorescences. Purple, blue, yellow, orange, pink, or white florets can be found in inflorescences.


The blooming of peonies takes place in late spring to midsummer, generally between April and June. There are three types of peonies: herbaceous, tree, and Itoh, or intersectional. Tree peonies like Paeonia suffruticosa have a longer season, capable of blooming for 14 days. Herbaceous peonies typically bloom for 7 to 10 days. They require fewer cold temperatures to produce blooms than herbaceous types and are a little easier to grow. In addition to having large and impressive blooms, intersectional peonies also flower for the longest of all types of peonies.

A distinct trumpet-shaped flower, amaryllis blossoms in mid to late winter. Amaryllis is available in red, pink, apricot, and white colors. The edges of the petals may be different colors or even present in combined colors. Radiant beauty is the meaning behind the flower.

Due to their beautiful shape and pattern, camellias resemble roses and stand out from the crowd. Winter flowers like this one can range from pink to deep crimson, making them an excellent choice for winter flower bouquets.


Poinsettias are among the most recognizable seasonal flowers. It is also known as the Christmas Star and is the flower of December. It is associated with success and is believed to grant a celebratory wish. Providing it receives sufficient light and dark cycles, this plant blooms around November and December. Vibrant red is the most common color that can be found.


English Primrose is gloriously scented and can be found in shades of yellow, white, and pink. The flowers bloom in late winter and are available in different varieties.

In the United Arab Emirates, the Chinese rose or hibiscus is a popular flower, especially during this season. The flower has 5 heavenly petals and is available in varieties of colors such as yellow, orange, white, and red.


They bloom anywhere from August to October depending on the variety. They are present in lavender, purple, white, and pink colors with yellow centers. Asters are often meant to symbolize patience, the birth flower for September, and the assigned flower for 20th wedding anniversaries.

Are also known as mums and can be used in bouquet arrangements. They are bushy flowers and are available in varieties of colors like pink, white, yellow, orange, and purple.

The quality of seasonal flowers is also much better than the flowers grown under artificial conditions. These flowers tend to last longer and improve the overall decoration and vibe of an event. Since flowers are abundant in designated seasons, they are fresh and abundant. So you can save by buying flowers at half price.

Knowing what flower blooms during that specific season along with ideas of what colors to expect, you can make wise decisions creating events and make them impressive and beautiful. If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Parfumella Flowers welcomes and gives value to our dear customers.

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