Sending sympathy flowers to someone who lost a loved one is a compassionate act and best way to express your utmost support during this difficult time. A simple gesture of sending flowers in times of loss is another way to show comfort to the bereaved family.

Flowers of Sympathy

Traditionally, sympathy flowers are composed of soft and muted colors and most popular in white. Yes, it is true as white is such a classic color and signifies honor and reverence. But nowadays, it is also applicable to send fresh colorful flowers. Colors uplift spirits and will give some good hope to the home and family of the departed.

There are no right and wrong flowers to give or send as sympathy flowers. However, there are few common fresh flowers most fitting to send for the occasion. The most notable are mums, lilies, carnations and roses.

When is the right time to send sympathy flowers? It is most common to send the flowers of condolences the moment you hear the passing or the loss. In that way, you can convey your deepest sympathy and let them know you are with them in their grieving.

Show your sympathy by sending wreath of fresh flowers conveying a sincere message of condolences. There are many options or types of sympathy flowers which you can send. At Parfumella Flowers, we intricately created our sympathy flower arrangements to send a message that you genuinely care.

1. With Love

Show your sympathy to the bereaved family by sending a heart wreath full of white chrysanthemum, white lilies, preserved ruscus and dried pampas.

2. Cascading Anthuriums

A special wreath of white chrysanthemums, touch of dried pampas and cascading white anthuriums to express your deepest condolences.

3. Say Goodbye

Honor the passing of a loved one by sending a floral heart wreath of white chrysanthemums, touch of pink lilies, pink pampas and burlap for that final touches.

4. Deepest Sympathy

Show some compassion to the bereaved family with this round wreath of white chrysanthemums, white anthuriums, white Ecuadorian rose, echeveria, and some greenery.

5. Loving Memory

Let the bereaved family know you are thinking of them by sending a specially made round wreath of chrysanthemums, pink lilies, echeveria, Ecuadorian pink rose, dried lavender, pink pampas and some foliage.

6. Sincerity Wreath

A special wreath of white chrysanthemums, touch of pink dried pampas, pink lilies and Ecuadorian pink roses to show your sympathy.

7. Full Heart

A premium wreath in a heart shaped with full of blooms such as white chrysanthemums, white anthuriums, mixed of white and pink Ecuadorian roses, lilies, echeverias, and some greenery.

8. White Blooms

Let these beautiful arrangements of white flowers make the emotions feel lighter.

9. Give Love

A tasteful way of giving condolence with this beautifully made arrangement of dried palm spear, pink lilies, Ecuadorian pink roses, dried stypha feather, song of
Jamaica leaves and touch of eucalyptus.

10. Peaceful Beginning

Give your last respect by honoring the departed love one with a special wreath of fresh flowers.

Should you wish to get advice of which arrangement to send as a sympathy flower? Our expert florists will be more than willing to assist you and give you great
help about the best-fitting flower arrangement.

When you can’t be there physically, our flower shop in Capas Tarlac can do same-day delivery all over Tarlac and some areas of Pampanga. You may also want to place the order online in our website to schedule the delivery according to your preferred date.

Speak to our customer service today and don’t forget to include a heartfelt
message or note with your sympathy flowers!

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