There are different types of flowers and they have so much to offer. Calla lilies and lilies are both loved by millions of people. They may differ in colors and shapes but the two flowers are visually appealing, exquisitely stunning, popular, and rich in meaning. Although they share a name, they don’t belong to the same family. It can be difficult to distinguish so we have compiled a guide to compare Lilies and Calla Lilies.

Interesting Facts About Lilies

Known as true lilies, they are among the large-flowered bulbs that belong to the genus Lilium. There are two kinds of lilies: Oriental and Asiatic Lilies. Asiatic lilies are known for their ease of cultivation as well as their early blooming season. The lack of scent does not diminish their beauty; in fact, they might be a fantastic gift idea for allergy sufferers! The oriental lily, however, blooms when the Asiatic blooms fade – usually during the late summer months – and is known for its strong, pleasant fragrance.

Interesting Facts About Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies was named after the Greek word Calla meaning beautiful. Due to their blooming around Easter and their trumpet-shaped shape, calla lilies are also symbols of regeneration and resurrection. In Greek mythology, Call Lilies are associated with Hera. During Hera’s sleep, Zeus brought Hercules, his son from another woman to Hera to drink her milk. She pushed him away as soon as she awoke and drops of milk flew across the sky to form the milky way. They grew into stunning calla lilies when they fell to the ground.

Lilies and Calla Lilies: When to Give Them

Lilies and calla Lilies are great flowers to give to someone special in your life as a gift. During the wedding celebration, Calla Lilies represents true and fathomless love, elegance, and grace. White Calla Lilies are great as well as a bridal bouquet and decorations. Both flowers make a home a better place to live in. Place some Calla Lilies or Lilies in a vase and put them in the right near the corner or make a statement as a centerpiece.

Colors and Their Symbolisms

Calla Lilies are known to be a bit bigger than Lilies. They are also available in varieties of colors such as purple, orange, pink, white, and yellow with different meanings. Pink Calla Lilies represent admiration, love, and gratitude. White Calla Lilies symbolize innocence, purity, and rebirth. Yellow Calla Lilies celebrates joyfulness, youth, and resilience. Orange Calla Lilies are for royalty and the classic red ones define passionate love.

Lilies are also present in different colors such as red, white, yellow, and orange. Orange represents gratitude, yellow lilies define cheerfulness and youthful love, and white lilies symbolize grace, compassion, and understanding.

Getting to Know their Appearance

Lilies are polyploid members of the Liliaceae (lily) family, while Calla Lilies are cultivars of an Araceae (arum) plant. In this way, it is easy to understand why some calla lilies develop thick stalks with large leaves for the same reason that lilies themselves have large leaves. Lilies and calla lilies are very similar in appearance, but they have a few subtle differences which allow them to be distinguished from one another. A cluster of calla lilies rises from underground stems and has thick green stalks with broad leaves. As for lilies, they form large flowers atop slender stalks after emerging from the ground. They also have a distinct texture and are thinner. Furthermore, lily flowers have three petals and three sepals that look nearly identical.

You cannot go wrong with either flower choice when it comes to beauty. They have their unique vibe to offer. We hope the said information helps you in some kind of way the next time you will decide which flower to choose from. You may also explore the Parfumella Website and the flowers will unexpectedly catch your attention.

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