“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul.”

– Luther Burbank

Flowers have many wonders to share. Their bright colored petals, the ability to convey emotions, as well as a sweet pleasing fragrance, and so much more. Many people have fallen in love with the enchanting beauty of flowers. Are you looking for charming flowers that burst with great scents for your humble home? Well, you come to the right place! Read along to learn more and you may have an idea which flowers are perfect for your place.

Top Aromatic Flowers for Your Home


The Tulips’ bulb shape and name come from the Persian word ‘Tulipan’ which means ‘turban’. Stop and take a minute to smell the tulips. They produce 9 scent types depending on the kinds of Tulips (according to tulipmania. art):

  • Anise – spicy and sweet, smelling like Christmas pastry
  • Citrus – fresh and juicy or more intense and oily, like orange peels
  • Fruity – ranging from fresh and juicy, to sweet fruity and even faint bitter-almonds-like
  • Green – with delicate grassy-green notes
  • Herbal – defined by herbaceous notes Herbal-honey – composed of intertwined herbal and sweet honey odors
  • Rosy – emitting light rosy scents
  • Spicy – spicy, humid, and at times medicinal
  • Woody – disclosing hardly perceivable woody notes.


They are available in an array of colors including white, red, peach, lavender, orange, yellow, and blue as well. The fragrances of roses can be categorized into seven different types: rose(or damask), nasturtium, orris(which is similar to violets), violets, apple, clove, and lemon(the fruit, not the blossoms). The color of a rose strongly correlates with its scent. Dark colors, more petals, and thick or velvety petals are characteristic of roses with the best scents. White and Yellow Roses smell like violets, nasturtium, and lemon. Pink and red roses often smell like what we think of as a “rose”. There is a fruity, nasturtium, violets, and clove aroma to intense yellow and orange roses. It is a magical experience to smell roses, which brings a feeling of calm and happiness.


Peonies are one of the most appreciated flowers by many because of their exquisite charm. In China and Japan, peonies are also known as the king of Flowers. Peonies share the same scent as roses when it comes to smell. Their fragrance varies from sweet and rosy to citrusy and spicy. They are also popular and used in the perfume industry. It is also possible to enjoy some peonies’ scents from a distance, while others might require you to come closer to notice their fragrance. What are you waiting for? Fill your home with dazzling Peonies!


It is no surprise that lilies are one of the most recognized flowers all over the world. Adding these beautiful blooms to your home will add a touch of elegance and charm. They pump their clove-like sweetness into the air. Innocence and purity have always been attractive qualities of white lilies. Pink represents abundance, Orange defines confidence, and Red symbolizes passion.


The scientific name of Carnation is “Dianthus caryophyllus”. They are also known as the “Flower of the Gods” and we all can agree that Carnations’ ruffled appearance carries an undoubtedly divine beauty. Carnations are the birth flower every January. Their aroma is often described as a sweet honey-like, spicy clove-like undertone, with a hint of fresh green.


Do you want to know a fun fact about Hyacinth flowers? Their name comes from the Greek language which means ‘Flower of Rain”. According to Greek legend, the bell-shaped flower symbolizes Apollo and his sincerity. They have a highly powerful smell that’s ethereally sweet, and earthy, with little spicy notes.

Have you chosen the perfect flowers for your home? Consider combining flowers in a vase or focusing on a color theme that relates to your room. An environment where flowers are happy enables them to bloom and disperse their fragrance. Make sure to lend extra time to appreciate the beauty of the flowers and smell their delicate fragrance.

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