“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”

– Frances Hodgson Burnett

Flowers are the most gorgeous things that dazzle present in nature. They are like stars we see and touch. Flowers bloom with elegance and radiance when they are surrounded by people who take care properly and appreciate them. There is no doubt that people are happy as well when they see flowers.

In this blog, Parfumella Flowers would like to introduce one of the most astonishing flowers, Carnations. Read along and surely you’ll find them unique in their own ways.

Where Do Carnations Come From?

Carnations were discovered by Theophrastus, one of the earliest known botanists, in Ancient Greek and Roman times, making Carnations one of the oldest known cultivated flowers in the world.

Carnations, which are primarily grown in Europe and Asia, were widely used in perfumes, ornamentation, art, and decoration on special occasions. Carnations have great health benefits for our bodies. were used to treat skin conditions like wrinkles, rashes, and fevers. Brewing a delightful cup of carnation tea would help to lift those who were feeling stressed and give them a nice burst of positive aura. It makes sense why they are called the “flower of the gods”!

How Were Carnations Named?

They are derived from the word “corone” which defines flower garland or from the Latin word “caro” which means “flesh” this is probably because carnation flower petals resemble raw meat. Many also believed that they are named after “coronation” because carnations were used in Greek ceremonial crowns or from the word “incarnacyon” meaning incarnation in the English word.

The meanings and symbolism of carnations have changed over time, with various shades of the flower standing in for various sentiments and ideas.

The Carnation Flower Colors Meanings


Yellow carnations don’t necessarily represent happiness, despite how stunning they are. There is a connection between these flowers and feelings of rejection, regret, and disappointment. Sending yellow carnations to someone you need to apologize to is the best choice. They are also acceptable to send as a gesture of sympathy.


Another common color choice is red, and various red hues have various connotations. A light red carnation represents admiration and friendship, whereas a bright red color denotes intense love and affection.


Pink carnations represent humility and gratitude. Sending Pink carnations is an excellent way to let someone know you appreciate them. The majority of people typically connect Mother’s Day with pink carnations.


Contrary to popular belief, purple carnations are not a representation of respect or royalty. These flowers stand for irrationality and impulsivity. Purple carnations are the best flowers to send if you’re unsure of how your gift will be received


White carnations are incredibly lovely flowers that stand for luck and purity. They are also a representation of success and fresh beginnings. White carnations are the way to go if you know someone who needs a little luck in their life, whether they are recently engaged, graduating, or starting a new adventure!

Carnation Flowers Around The World


Carnations are said to have been worn by women in mourning and are mentioned in the legend of Saint Valentine. Additionally, carnations are used to create the customary Greek funeral wreath. Carnations are linked to both love and death in Greece.


Flowers for Chinese weddings frequently include carnations. Despite the fact that brides can choose any color, the traditional colors are white and pink. Carnations are regarded as lucky and happy representations in China.


Young women frequently receive them as gifts, and they are also a common addition to the bride’s bouquet at wedding occasions. Carnations are viewed as representations of innocence and purity.


Carnations are a symbol of admiration and fathomless love in Europe. Pink carnations are linked to joy, white carnations to purity, and red carnations to fervor. They are frequently given as a token of appreciation or gratitude for having your partner in your life.


The French use purple carnations at funerals, even though they are sometimes seen as a sign of impulsivity. The purple flowers are frequently placed on top of caskets or close to graves.

United States

Carnations are a common funeral flower in the United States. They may also stand for admiration, awe, and excellence. Carnations come in different varieties; red ones are frequently given as a sign of showing love on Valentine’s Day flowers, while white ones can stand for innocence, youthfulness, or rebirth.


White carnations are used by the Dutch to honor those people who died in World War II. White carnations are occasionally buried with loved ones to honor the incomparable sacrifices made by them.


Carnations are a patriotic and motherhood-related symbol in the Philippines. On Mother’s Day, mothers frequently give their kids carnations; additionally, the Philippine flag features carnations.

Fun Trivia About Carnations!

  • Carnations are the January birth month flower
  • The official 1st wedding anniversary flower is the Carnations.
  • Jack received a red carnation from Rose to show her love for him in the movie “Titanic”
  • Carnations were used in Victorian times to communicate in secret or to provide the answer to a puzzle. If you sent a solid-colored carnation, it meant the answer was “yes,” and if you sent a yellow one, it meant the answer was “no.”

Carnation Flowers in Literature

For centuries, writers have used the carnation flower as a representation. Listed below are a few examples:

  • In the play “Romeo and Juliet,” Juliet shows Romeo her love by giving him a white carnation.
  • Carnations can also stand for grief and loss. Holden Caulfield gives Phoebe a red carnation as a symbol of his sorrow and loss following the passing of his brother in the book “Catcher in the Rye.”
  • Daisy Buchanan sends Jay Gatsby a pink carnation in “The Great Gatsby” to express her love for him even though they are no longer together.

Knowing the meaning and symbolism of carnations will help you choose the ideal gift to convey to a loved one. Carnations contain different feelings that make them unique from one another. You can design your floral message by combining the meanings of the various flowers.

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