The month of love is just around the corner. It’s here before you know it.  When you think of the occasion of Valentine’s Day, probably the first thing that immediately pops in your head is flowers, do you agree? Flowers are the most common yet sweetest gift you can give to your Valentine on February 14. Flowers have the power to captivate any heart with their gorgeous beauty, alluring colors and for some, it’s their sweet fragrance.

Have you thought about which flowers you’ll go with to surprise the love of your life? Well, this is a perfect time to give the best shot in your flower presents. We suggest planning carefully and making sure to do the planning earlier as not to miss any minute details. Remember, this is a special day for you and your significant other.

If you’re still having some second thoughts of which best flowers to send on Valentine’s Day, we’re here to give you some helpful ideas. We have rounded up the five most popular flowers on Valentine’s Day to come in handy for you.



Rose is arguably the most popular flower, particularly on Valentine’s Day. The most known rose color is undeniably the red one. A red rose signifies love, passion, and romance, no doubt this flower is always a staple on February 14. Red roses are in demand as early as January in preparation for the big day – which is Valentine’s Day. Most people opt to have a bouquet of red roses to send to their darlings. There’s something about red roses; the velvety petals and the subtle scent attract many. In addition, the beauty of the rose is timeless and will never go out of style.

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Another popular flower during Valentine’s Day is carnation. The dainty blooms of carnations easily get the attention of many. You can have lovely colors of carnations to pick from which can mean differently from one another. If you’re looking to convey your true feelings to your dearest ones, go with red carnations. This color represents love and it’s just right to send a bouquet incorporating red carnations for your honey on this significant day. One advantage of choosing carnations is it’s less expensive compared to roses especially on Valentine’s Day. You’ll get pretty blooms without breaking the bank.

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If sending red roses on Valentine’s Day is too cliche for you, tulips are here to save you from trouble. Tulips are as equally romantic as roses. The most well-known meaning of tulips is deep love. For the month of love, red tulips are a very timely choice to give to your Valentine, it represents love and passion, perfect for their romantic souls, and of course to express your deepest love. Due to the special shape and lovely colors of every tulip variety, it’s a perfect choice as a hand-tied bouquet or can go on its own as a classy vase arrangement. Want to make someone’s day happier on Valentine’s Day? Go with red tulips! Check out Parfumella’s stunning tulip flower collection today.

oriental lily

Lilies are a lovely addition to any flower bouquets or arrangements. Their large blooms and seductive scents make them a unique and perfect choice to send as a gift for your love. Sending either a bouquet of lilies or a box filled with lilies will surely give a big smile to your sweetheart. However the way of presenting your lily flower gift, we bet it will be a thoughtful gift idea your loved one would greatly appreciate. Discover Parfumella Flowers’ Lily Flower Collection now!


This long-lasting flower is a great pick to incorporate on your hand-tied bouquets, flower boxes, or even on a simple vase arrangement. The tropical beauty of orchid flowers is unique yet elegant and looks luxurious. One of the most loved orchids is Phalaenopsis. The butterfly shape of the Phalaenopsis orchid is a stunning and perfect addition to any flower arrangement. Either way, a potted Phalaenopsis is a great present as well for your loved ones. You may include orchids in your Valentine’s Day flower delivery to create a thought of a lasting impression.

gerbera daisy

Many adore daisies because of their daintiness and pretty flowers. This type of flower has one of the loveliest hues that can easily delight. The most popular variety of daisies is called Gerberas. Mainly gerbera daisies represent loyal love and beauty. More often than not, gerbera daisies are a favorite because of their long-lasting characteristics and alluring colors perfect to create a special flower arrangement for your special someone.

This Valentine’s Day shows how deep is your love by picking flowers that you know your partner will definitely adore!

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