Many of you are fondly anticipating the 14th day of February to arrive. It’s one of the most looked forward days for lovers around the world. This day is dedicated to sharing the love and feeling the romantic vibe which equates to being thoughtful and sweet to your sweethearts. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let your loved ones feel how loved they are, even if how cliche as it may sound.

Valentine’s Day is a fun and special occasion for you and your love, so it is just right to pamper the very important person in your life. One won’t be surprised to know that fresh flowers are the most popular gifts you can give.  There’s something for everyone on this day but sending a fresh flower delivery will go a long way. Flowers can convey the purest feelings you have when you don’t have the guts to utter them in words.

While it is true that most of you are eagerly waiting for Valentine’s Day, some may also have some questions in mind they want to be answered (like right away), talking about being excited for the said day! Here are some of the most common questions or otherwise known as frequently asked questions about Valentine’s Day flowers which are lingering on your minds. Hope this list helps!

You always have the liberty to pick the kind of gift you will get your significant other on Valentine’s Day. Giving a fresh flower bouquet on this day is noted as a tradition and considered a sweet thought from someone.  Just bear in mind that flowers, in any form can represent love and affection, in the same manner, they can symbolize a romantic gesture.

Yes, red roses are indeed a popular pick on this day. However, one should not think that it’s a must to have this kind of flower specifically on Valentine’s. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to your flower gift. You can opt to send pink roses as well as it means elegance and sweetness. You have to expect a relatively expensive price for red roses during this season, so if you don’t want to break a bank for your flowers, go with something else such as carnations, tulips, or lilies.

Certainly! There’s nothing wrong with giving a man flowers on this special day. They would enjoy and appreciate the gesture of receiving flowers. A flower delivery intended to them will surely make them feel special. Almost everybody loves to receive flowers, and men are not an exemption. So yeah, don’t think twice about gifting flowers to your boyfriend or male friend on Valentine’s Day.

Absolutely! As a trusted flower shop here in Tarlac, we recommend getting your orders rolling as early as today to skip the rush on the day of the occasion. As you all know, this day is one of the busiest days in any flower shop. The traffic of orders on this day will tremendously increase if compared to regular days. As a kind reminder, order now as not to worry later.

Of course, you can send a flower delivery anonymously. When sending flowers, you have an option to send them with a signed card, or if you prefer not to disclose any information that can be done too. Some wanted to deliver their flower gifts anonymously until the recipient received them. Well, they wanted to let their partners feel the surprise, that’s usually what they aim for! It’s also a romantic thing!

We hoped the above lists enlightened and removed your worries away. There are so many unique gifts and fun ways you can make your loved ones happy on this day of love. However you are spending on the day, the most important thing is to celebrate love and to remember the true essence of why we celebrate Valentine’s Day especially.


What are you waiting for? Talk to us today to book your Valentine’s Day flowers. We recommend placing your order in advance to get the schedule you wish to have your flowers arriving on your doorsteps. Choose Parfumella Flowers and no doubt will help you create the most memorable Valentine’s Day ever for you!


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